Era microreader user manual

HF Radio Blog Era Microreader - I have bought an ERA Microreader for decoding cw and rtty snals in the shack. Era Microreader I. I have bought an ERA. HF, and AM radio stations on short and medium wave. I also enjoy making bits and pieces of radio-related equipment for use.

Instruction, users and service My parents bought me one when I was a lad and after years of fun decoding press agency snals and aero stations in Africa, I foolisy let it go for a song with a b box of radio equipment I thought I no longer wanted. This is the manual page for _other. Here you will find instruction manuals, service manuals, user guides schematic, brochures etc.

Downloaded by RadioManuai Years later I regretted that decision, especially as Mum & Dad must have saved so hard to buy it for me. Title ERA - MK2 Microreader user manual Author IW1AXR, op. Daniele Subject Morse RTTY reader Keywords ERA - MK2 Microreader user manual Created Date

Era microreader - YouTube I am not a lover of computers at the best of times, and certainlty not when I want to relax with the radio hobby, so a stand alone unit such as this has huge appeal for me. Vidéo incorporée · Standard YouTube License; Show more Show less. Loading. ERA Microreader - Standalone CWMorse/RTTY Decoder - Duration

User’s Manual - Desn ERA I am hoping to spend some enjoyable hours monitoring the 10m beacons, some CW maritime stations, and if I can find any some maritime RTTY stations. Stitch ERAUser's Manual 1 – 4 Application button and Application menu At the left top corner of the screen there is a round button ed Application button

Era microreader user manual:

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