La crosse weather station manual ws-2010

How to troubleshoot a La Crosse WS-2810, WS-2811, This brand new weather station from La Crosse Technology includes a PC connection cable and software at a great price! How to troubleshoot a La Crosse WS-2810, WS-2811, or WS-2812 because of. This is the procedure to get your La Crosse Weather Station connected again. Manual Tip test Write down the Total Rain reading or reset the Rain Total to 0.00. then contact support to get on a list for a replacement part in the fall of 2010.

WS-9160U-IT Wireless Weather Station - La This unique weather station can communicate with remote sensors via wireless RF connection, or direct wire connection with included cables. La Crosse Technology's Wireless Thermometer features extra large, easy-to-read dits in a small, sleek case. Track Indoor/Outdoor temperature and MIN/MAX.

Weather station ws-9037u-it - La Crosse Product Features: Radio controlled time and date Current date, weekday, second, alarm time, and time zone Weather forecast icons with animation based on pressure trends. Wireless Weather Station. 2. Wireless Thermo-hygro Sensor TX29UD-TH and mounting bracket. 3. Instruction Manual. FEATURES The Weather Station.

La Crosse Weather stations Four dit relative or absolute air pressure reading (in HG) Indoor temperature and humidity Outdoor temperature and humidity Wind-chill, dew point, rainfall (24 hours, 1 hour, and total) Wind direction in 16 divisions (22.5 degree resolution) with trend Wind speed readout (m/s, knots, bft, km/h, and mph) Storm warning alarm Time alarm, storm alarm, weather alarms such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction Storage of weather data in non-volatile memory, holds up to 175 sets of weather data for weather analysis and graphical display on PC Operates on 3 AA batteries, or with included AC adapter Includes remote thermo-hygrometer sensor, self tipping rain gauge, and wind gauge. The sensor cluster can be connected by direct cable to the display, or can be set to transmit wireless via 433mhz. The La Crosse 2310. This brand new weather station from La Crosse Technology includes a PC connection cable and software at a great price! This unique weather station.

Lacrosse User Manuals, Operating Guides and Connects to PC via serial cable with included cable and software Low battery indicator PC software on CD-ROM included for monitoring and storing weather data. AC adapter included for display All weather data from station can be transfered to PC for record logs. Lacrosse WS-2010 Professional Weather Station Software Guide • Supplementary. Lacrosse WS-2308AL Professional Weather Station Operation Manual.

La crosse weather station manual ws-2010:

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