Who polio laboratory manual 2004

Seroprevalence of <strong>polio</strong> antibodies in adult

Seroprevalence of polio antibodies in adult Systematic environmental surveillance for poliovirus circulation has been conducted in Egypt since 2000. Polio laboratory manual. 4th ed.; 2004 cited 2014 Nov 13. Available from

<i>Polio</i> vaccines <i>WHO</i> position paper, March 2016 -

Polio vaccines WHO position paper, March 2016 - The surveillance has revealed three independent importations of wild-type poliovirus. WHO-‐IVB, Polio Laboratory Manual 2004. Manual-‐9.pdf, accessed February 2016. No abstract.

Establishment of realtime RT-PCR assay to detect <em>polio</em>

Establishment of realtime RT-PCR assay to detect polio In addition, several vaccine-derived polioviruses have been detected in various locations in Egypt. Acute Flaccid Paralysis AFP laboratory based surveillance. In 2014, the. by the WHO polio laboratory manual, the main. NPL activities is. 2004, Geneva. 2.

Who polio laboratory manual 2004:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 93 Rates

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