Konica z up 60 manual

ClassiCameras Konica Z-up 80 RC I The "Z-up 80 RC Limited Super Zoom Hh Precision Autofocus Camera" has a name that is very much longer than the zoom range of only 40-80mm. Flip it out and the camera is tilted upward ( approx. On the rht side of the body there is the bulky handgrip, that contains the battery (2CR5 Lithium). ME for multiexposures (up to 37 exposures on one frame! The body is made of black, gold-spotted plastic, all letters are golden. Konica Z-up 80 RC I. This is the only camera I have not been able to find an online user manual for. I have been through two rolls of film on the Konica.

Find Owners Manuals - Get Manuals Here. But the list of built-in features could be longer than the name. On every side of the body there are some gimmicks to play with: On the top you find the illuminating window for the finder rhtlines on the left, the main switch and the shutter release on the rht. Push the point of the grip that is marked "PUSH" and the remote pops out. The finder shows parallax markings in red when the distance is in the macro range. Download Product & Owners Manuals Instantly. Search Manuals Now.

Camera Konica Z-Up 60 · Lomography On the bottom you find the battery door, the tripod mount and a little gizmo named "TILT". In the middle you find the b display for all the camera functions: frame counter, battery status, flash mode/ 1,5EV backlht function; drive modes S, C, selftimer, remote; the modes for date imprint and setting the date/time. ) On the front you see the lens, that has a orbicular cover, the front remote sensor, the finder and on the lower rht the infinity switch. Camera Konica Z-Up 60 Trending Recent Popular. 1 2 3 Next. Languages. You're currently viewing this page in English. Keep up to date with all things Lomography!

ClassiCameras <strong>Konica</strong> Z-up 80 RC I
Find Owners <strong>Manuals</strong> - Get <strong>Manuals</strong> Here.
Camera <strong>Konica</strong> Z-Up 60 · Lomography

Konica z up 60 manual:

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